RARE I’m Screaming As Fast As I Can (1995) (Autographed)


I’m Screaming As Fast As I Can (1995): She may never snag an Oscar for roles in movies like HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS or SORORITY BABES IN TH E SLIME BOWL-O-RAMA, but she will entertain you with her life experiences in the B-movie industry. As told to veteran People magazine reporter Craig Tomashoff, this autobiography reads like a good Hollywood cocktail conversation. Funny, gossipy, and worth remembering so you can share with your friends the next day. Linnea’s story is both unique and easy to identify with. Nobody ever made it to the top of the B-world as quickly or for as long as she has, but we can all sympathize with the hard knocks she had to take on the way up. 85 pages, Paperback Published January 1, 1995
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